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Next Paige Productions was founded in 2017 by Jillian Spano, Owner and Chief Executive Officer.

With over 20 years of experience in the world of pageantry and fashion, including experience in the beauty industry; Next Paige Productions specializes in:

-pageant and fashion production

-pageant coaching including runway and styling

-platform development and resume writing

-image consulting & personal development

Next Paige Productions is the Official Producer of State and National production for Miss Earth USA, the Official Preliminary to Miss Earth. The mission of Miss Earth USA is to provide a platform for America's women to be a voice for environmental responsibility, while featuring these beauties for a cause in fashion, media and leadership opportunities. 

Next Paige Productions has also organized and produced pageants for the Miss United States Organization and served as the Associate Producer and Casting Director for New York Fashion Week shows as featured on Fashion Week Online, New York Fashion Week's Official Calendar. In 2020, Next Paige Productions officially went international as a mentor for the largest pageant platform based in India with The Intentional Glamour Project.

Next Paige Productions was most recently Pageant Coach of the Year by Beauty It's Everywhere.  Also, Next Paige Productions was named to the All Time Top 100 by the United Pageant League, voted Top 10 Best Pageant Coach by Pageant Planet and nominated for Best State Pageant Production by Pageant Planet. Next Paige Productions has coached and worked with winners from the local to international level. 

Next Paige Productions works to encourage young ladies and women to pursue their dreams and not to be afraid of failure as it is only a stepping stone to success. 


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